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What is 3DXUnion?

3DXUnion is a multiplayer online sex game based on communication with other players, as well as sexual interaction with them. Our game is completely free. In game locations you will find new friends, meet your soulmate, and maybe even start a family. If you want to diversify your life, make your deepest fantasies come true, join our project and communicate with a variety of people in one place. You can simply enjoy chatting on our dance floors with real DJs, have sex with random partners, and also get a job. Everything is possible on our server.

Join us!

Advantages of 3DXUnion

Friendly team

The friendly staff of the Union is always happy to help newcomers join the team and welcomes everyone without exception.

Mutual respect

The Union has special rules of behavior that maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect in the game. Be a decent citizen of the Union!

Great support

The server has a good-natured administration and professional technical support that will help solve your problems and disputes in the game

Active development

The server is maintained by talented developers who ensure that the 3DXUnion client runs smoothly and has the latest updates


The size of the Union is huge! You can easily find friends with similar interests or just have fun in good company.


DJs of the Union organize parties for everyone every evening. They are ready to broadcast your most favorite compositions. Didn't find a party you like? Create your own!


Do you like body language in bedroom dialect? Then you are at the right place! The abundance of poses and possibilities will not let you get bored! Make acquaintances, flirt, communicate and then your night will be truly hot!


Our editor is rich in building elements! Build anything from the beautiful streets of a big city to bright and colorful fantasy worlds. Give free rein to your imagination!

Moving vehicles

The Union Car Showroom has a wide range of mobile equipment that you can purchase for in-game currency! Don't like any transport? Build yours in the editor and offer it to Administrators!


The developed RP system will give you an unforgettable roleplaying experience. The abundance of RP factions and roles available to you does not limit your choice of who you can be.
Everyone is welcome here!


Do you have many like-minded people and are you ready to organize a faction? Write to the Administrators and get a chance to get an exclusive nickname color, console and other goodies for the whole group!


Are you looking for warmth and mutual understanding? Then you are where you need to be! Our game is almost like a dating site. Meet, fall in love, get married. Love and be loved!

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Don't know what to do?

Find a faction you like and always be among friends!

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